Is it safe for American tourists to visit Cancun in 2023?

American Tourists

Is it safe to travel to Cancun? American Tourists Cancun is a popular vacation spot for Americans, but rising rates of violent crime have been reported in some regions as U.S. visitors buy narcotics from Mexican street vendors.

There are 13 million annual tourists to the Riviera Maya, which includes Cancun and the 81 miles south of the resort to Tulum. This area is noted for its luxurious all-inclusive resorts, golf courses, and beautiful beaches.


Nearly half of Mexico’s tourism earnings come from this region. There has also been a disturbing increase in homicides there, which has been attributed to the high demand for narcotics among tourists.

Do not, I repeat, do not go to a foreign nation to acquire drugs and then claim to be a victim when anything awful happens to you.


Probably the only real dangers you face as a visitor in Mexico are scammers, pickpockets, price gougers, and taxi drivers.


Is Cancun Safe?


Yes, going to Mexico may be a risky business. Many people worry about being targeted by drug cartels or criminals in tourist hotspots like Cancun and Mazatlan, but more prevalent dangers for travelers include things like not exercising common sense and buying narcotics abroad.


You probably shouldn’t go to Cancun for the weekend if you can’t spend the time away from home without smoking pot.  


Because most people are too chicken to travel with marijuana, others believed it would be a good idea to acquire narcotics in Mexico, leading to the deaths of many American visitors. ????


If you don’t go out of your way to find problems, Mexico is quite safe, as I tell my readers time and time again.


Can I Trust Cancun as a Tourist in 2023?


New Travel Warning for Quintana Roo and Cancun Due to Increased Danger 


Many Americans planning a trip to Mexico are concerned about the safety of the state of Quintana Roo because of a potential confrontation between taxi drivers and ride-hailing service providers, which has prompted the United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico to issue a new Cancun Mexico Travel Advisory.


As they compete for tourists’ fares, medallion taxi drivers have started targeting those who work for ride-hailing services. Passengers are, unfortunately, in the center of this conflict.


There have been official complaints lodged against Uber and other drivers… U.S. citizens have been injured in the past during disagreements between these firms and local taxi unions, the alert said.


Some tourists in Cancun had to walk or be escorted by police on Monday because taxi drivers had blocked Kukulcán Boulevard, a major thoroughfare leading to the hotel zone.


First things first when arranging an international trip: read the Travel Advisories for your location of choice. If you have to haul your bags ten miles to the airport, you may as well stay home.


Crime in Cancun vs. Crime in the U.S.


The United States is far riskier than Mexico. The United States Department of State has issued a Travel Warning, labeled Mexico “A Failed State,” and warned its citizens that no portion of the nation is safe to visit, including well-known resorts like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.


A lot of attention has been paid to the violence in Mexico by the media. The fact that Mexico is a huge country consisting of 31 states and the Federal District is seldom mentioned.


They also don’t highlight that the drug trade is to blame for most of the bloodshed or that the amount of tourists who are hurt is negligible.


Advice on How to Visit Cancun Safely


Cancun is a fairly walkable city, but not everyone shares my enthusiasm for strolling about. It’s also possible to hire a bus to drive you from place to place if you’re traveling in a large group.


If you plan on drinking while in Mexico, it’s best to avoid utilizing public transportation. Avoid accepting rides from individuals in unfamiliar vehicles. These people are frequently involved in scams aimed at unsuspecting vacationers.


Taxis are safe and dependable; to avoid being scammed out of more money at your destination, it’s best to use one with a functioning meter rather than one for which you’ve already negotiated a price.


It’s a good idea to keep these basic safety precautions in mind whenever you travel.  If you’re planning a trip to Cancun, make sure you read this first!


  • Avoid areas that are notorious for gang activity or have a negative rap in general. Don’t go far from populated areas.
  • Keep in touch with loved ones back home as much as possible. Get in touch with someone and let them know where you are and when you plan to return.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open. This is sound advice in general, but it becomes much more vital when you’re on your own.
  • Don’t pound the booze. Recognize your limitations. Avoid putting yourself in a weak spot.
  • When withdrawing money, stick to ATMs at respected local banks or the one at your hotel.  
  • Do not stand out as a potential target by donning flashy accessories.
  • Don’t go out in public with a huge wad of cash.

It’s best to not separate apart from your group, especially if you’re out at night. Plan your drive such that it takes place throughout the day.




The recent carbon monoxide poisoning fatalities of six Americans in two separate events bring into sharp focus the dangers of staying in an Airbnb or hotel that may not have enough safety precautions in place. 


According to Bloomberg, three people who slept at an Airbnb unit in Mexico City last month died from carbon monoxide poisoning.


Two professors from New Orleans and the proprietor of a candle shop in Virginia Beach were among the three Americans whose families confirmed their deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning in a leased home in Mexico City days before the Day of the Dead celebrations.


In May, a second group of American vacationers visiting a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas tragically lost their lives to the same factor. 




When fossil fuels are burnt, they release carbon monoxide (CO), a gas that is both colorless and odorless. Fumes from common household equipment and systems such as heaters, kerosene heaters, stoves, lanterns, and generators can cause accidental poisoning. 


For peace of mind, I recommend investing in a carbon monoxide detector and carrying it with you at all times.


Diarrhea among Tourists


The intestinal illness known as traveler’s diarrhea, or Montezuma’s vengeance, is spread by the consumption of tainted food or water.


If workers in the food industry don’t disinfect their hands after using the restroom, the illness might be spread to customers.


Tap water in Mexico is not safe to drink unless it has been filtered. Bottled water is your best bet for avoiding traveler’s diarrhea and Montezuma’s wrath.


You won’t have to worry about getting sick from the sea if you stay at one of Cancun’s many five-star resorts.


Traveler’s diarrhea typically presents with the following symptoms:


  • The onset of diarrhea is sudden
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea and sickness
  • Constipation Severe urgency to defecate
  • weak or uncomfortable feeling of malaise
  • Toxic and exploding gas
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Inability to eat




If you avoid dangerous neighborhoods at home, you should use the same caution when visiting foreign cities.  The United States has a rising crime rate at the same time that Mexico does.


You won’t have to wonder if the Cancun Travel Advisory is truly required thanks to the extra precautions the Mexican government is taking to safeguard visitors.

Cancun’s Hotel Zone, a 13-mile length of gorgeous white-sand beaches lined with quaint hotels and resorts perfect for honeymooners and families, is still the city’s safest sector.

Authorities in Mexico and Cancun have stressed that the yearly influx of 28 million American visitors is unaffected by the small number of violent incidents that occur there.


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