Exploring the Enchantment of Blue Tan French Bulldogs

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A lot of people love Blue Tan French Bulldogs because of their blue-gray coats. The beautiful blue-gray color of their fur comes from a genetic mutation that weakens the black pigment in their fur. This gives them a unique look that has won the hearts of dog lovers all over the world.

blue tan french bulldog

A beautiful twist on the popular blue French Bulldog is the blue and tan French Bulldog. They look very different because they are mostly blue, but some parts of their bodies are marked with beige, like their hands, chest, bottom, cheeks, and eyebrows. People often say that the more noticeable the difference is between the blue and tan, the more beautiful these pups look.

It’s impossible to deny the beauty of rare Blue French Bulldogs. They come in many colors and patterns, which makes them stand out among other dogs. It’s important to know that no dog breeder association recognizes blue French Bulldogs as show dogs, no matter how famous they are. White, fawn, brindle, and mixes of fawn and brindle are the only colors that can be used in recognized shows. For more information visit royalneed.

Five things you should know about the Blue Tan French Bulldog

If you want to get a Blue and Tan French Bulldog, here are some things you should think about:


These dogs are great for families and people who live in apartments because they are small. They’re also small enough to be portable and bring with you on many trips.


These dogs, called French Bulldogs, are known for having a lot of different coat colors. First, you should know that there are different types of French Bulldog colors. Standard colors include fawn, black, and cream. Rare colors like blue and pink have become very popular in recent years. 

Some French Bulldogs have only one color on their coat, which is called a “solid coat.” However, most Frenchies have at least one more color that shows up as a pattern. There are a lot of different designs you can choose from, from the more common brindle and pied to the more unusual tan and merle.


If you want to get a French Bulldog, you need to know how much money they cost. There are many things that can change how much a French Bulldog costs, such as its gender, colour, bloodline, and the breeder you buy it from. 

Most of the time, a good Frenchie from a reputable breeder costs around 5,300 USD. Remember that the original investment may seem high, but it’s a sign of how popular the breed is and how hard responsible breeders work to keep them healthy and of good quality.


People love French Bulldogs because they are friendly and fun. They are wonderful pets that get along well with both families and single people. 

They’re also known for having cute and sometimes funny personalities that can make anyone’s day better. The Blue Tan French Bulldog is a rare and beautiful breed that is known for its beautiful blue hair with clear tan spots.


French Bulldogs can be stubborn, but they’re smart and learn quickly. Also, food drives them a lot, and they want to please their owners. They will grow up to be well-behaved pets if they are trained consistently and with positive feedback.

How much a blue and tan French Bulldog costs

Now, let’s talk more about how much it costs to own a Blue and Tan French Bulldog. As was already said, the price of getting one of these cute dogs can change. For boys, our blue and tan clothes cost between $5,790 and $5,990, and for girls, they cost between $5,990 and $6,290. The price can change depending on things like how old the puppy is and how pretty it is.

It may seem expensive at first, but it’s important to remember that having a dog means ongoing costs like food, vet care, cleaning, and more. Getting a Blue and Tan French Bulldog from a good breeder will make sure you get a healthy, happy puppy that will become a beloved family member for years to come. Another great thing about having a Frenchie is the special bond you’ll have with it.

How do I get a blue and tan Frenchie from Tom Kings?

You may be thinking how you can bring one of these cute dogs into your life now that you know a lot about them. We’re very proud of the puppies we breed and raise at Tom Kings Puppies, and we’re here to help you through the process. If you want a one-of-a-kind and charming dog friend, the Blue Tan French Bulldog is a great choice. Its blue and tan coloring is very appealing.

It is very important to buy a Blue and Tan Frenchie from a responsible breeder with a good reputation, like Tom Kings Puppies, for several reasons:

Health and Quality Control: 

The health and well-being of our dogs are at the center of our breeding programmer. To make sure your baby gets off to a good start in life, we do regular health checks, make sure it gets the right food, and put socialization first.

Ethical Practices: 

At Tom Kings Puppies, we only use ethical breeding methods and put the dogs’ well-being first in everything we do.

People who adopt a Blue and Tan French Bulldog from us become part of our family and get lifetime support. We give your puppy ongoing help and advice to make sure it does well in its new home.

To sum up, if you want to bring a Blue and Tan Frenchie into your life and heart, think of Tom Kings Puppies as your friendly guide. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our puppies and how you can adopt one of these lovely dogs.

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What color is a French Bulldog that is blue?

When talking about French Bulldogs, “blue” refers to their beautiful coat color that makes these already great pets even more appealing. Let’s dive into the world of blue French Bulldogs and look at the different shades of this beautiful color as well as the genetic factors that make them so unique.

Figuring out the Blue Hue: Beautiful Color for a Coat

The blue-gray color of a Blue French Bulldog’s fur makes it stand out. There is a genetic trait in dogs that makes the black pigment in their fur less strong, giving them their unique blue color. 

The coat color of blue French Bulldogs can be steel gray or bluish-gray, and it can range from a light silver-blue to a darker, more noticeable steel gray. When thinking about getting a pet, the Blue Tan French Bulldog stands out because of how cute it looks and how friendly and playful it is.

Iron and steel Gray Elegance: 

Blue French Bulldogs have steel gray or bluish-gray coats that make them look very elegant.

Number of Shades: 

The blue color can be very light or very dark, running from a soft silver-blue to a stronger steel gray. This makes a range of beautiful shades.

Basis in Genetics

Dilution Gene: 

The blue color of French Bulldogs is caused by a dilution gene that changes how black coloring is expressed. The bright blue tones in their coats come from this diluting.

Recessive Inheritance: 

The blue gene is a recessive trait, which means that both parents’ dogs must have it for it to show up in their children.

How to Spot a Blue French Bulldog: Identifying Marks

Features of a Coat

Smooth and Short: 

Like French Bulldogs that aren’t blue, blue French Bulldogs have smooth, short hair that doesn’t need much care.

Differentiating patterns: 

Their coat may have differentiating patterns that make each dog unique.

Color of Eyes

Different Eye Colors: 

Blue French Bulldogs can have eyes that are blue, amber, or even a mix of the two. The colour of the eyes often goes well with the beautiful blue coat.

How to Take Care of Your Blue French Bulldog for Health and Happiness

Taking care of

Regular Brushing: 

To keep their short hair healthy and stop them from shedding, keep up a regular grooming routine that includes gentle brushing.

Bath Time: 

Giving them a bath every so often helps keep their hair clean and shiny.

Thoughts on Health

Protection from the sun: 

Blue French Bulldogs may be more likely to get sunburned because their coats are lighter. For outdoor events, give your dog shade and think about sunscreen that is safe for dogs.

Animal Health Care

Checkups every so often: You should take your blue French Bulldog to the vet regularly for check-ups to make sure they are healthy overall and to address any issues with their skin or hair.

Blue French Bulldogs are unique dogs that make great pets and companions.


The blue Tan French Bulldog’s beautiful hair color makes the already charming Frenchie breed a little more special. There’s no doubt that blue French Bulldogs are wonderful pets that captivate dog lovers with their unique charm and undeniable allure. This is true whether you’re drawn to their steel gray beauty or interested in the genetic details behind their color.


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