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Considering our background in medicine

flame health associates
flame health associates

Ther offers Executive Search & Selection, Permanent, Interim, and Contract Solutions throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland as Flame Health Associates LLP, an independent medical and healthcare consultancy.

We have over 150 years of recruitment experience, so we know where recruitment tactics have been and where they are going in the next two decades. Ther adhere to International Standards as a Recruitment & Confederation (REC) Corporate Member.

They are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and as needed by law, they follow all GDPR rules.

These certifications show that we are dedicated to providing our services in a controlled and professional way. This sets us apart from many of our competitors and gives our customers and applicants the peace of mind they deserve.

Customized solutions

Our 20-year-old network is unbeatable, whether you are a new or experienced health care worker, a small private practice, or a big multinational company.

When you combine our cutting-edge online and social strategy with our industry-leading client and candidate database, you can be sure that your next job or new hire will be a good fit.

Since most senior and executive-level jobs are never posted, Flame Health Associates gives you a new choice by keeping you up-to-date on the latest openings and the most interesting candidates we’re working with.

Flame health associates in the USA

Flame Health’s blog has evolved into a comprehensive resource for the latest information in the healthcare industry, including the exciting and exclusive possibilities we learn about first.

Visit the Flame Health blog right away if you’re thinking of learning more about the medical field, especially Optometry, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.

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The head of the pharmaceutical company says we need to educate more pharmacists.

The National Health Service in England is “making a case for an increase in learning places for pharmacists,” according to David Webb, England’s chief pharmaceutical officer.

On Friday, May 12, NHS England’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Mr. Webb, spoke at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress about the organization’s “ambitious program of pharmacy workforce transformation,” which includes Pharmacy First, the autonomous prescribing agenda, and medicines optimization workstreams.

He acknowledged that “it is very tough for every squad at the moment” and that the program will “take some time” to settle in, but he said these adjustments will “improve career progression and possibilities and benefit patients and communities” in the long term.

Mr. Webb has stated that NHSE is “making the case for an increase in training places for pharmacists and [awaits] a long-term workforce strategy,” which is likely to be released soon.

While announcing the Primary Care Recovery plan this week, health secretary Steve Barclay stated the government is “making massive investments in our primary care workforce” to reach a target of 26,000 extra trained workers by March 2024.

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