Unveiling the Mystique of the Long Hair Rottweiler: A Rare and Remarkable Breed

Before getting a long hair Rottweiler, there are a few things you should know. Having a Rottweiler isn’t that different from having any other dog. To take care of your Rottweiler properly, you should do the following:

long hair rottweiler

Taking care of

A long-haired Rottweiler is a beautiful dog, but it needs more care because its fur is longer. It sheds some, but not a lot more than other kinds. You should brush your Rottwei hair a few times a week to keep it from getting knotted and to control how much it sheds.

Do not wet the coat

The Rottweiler’s thick hair is dense and doesn’t get wet. If your Rottweiler was in the rain or water, make sure it is dry. A dog that is wet smells bad and is a good place for germs to grow. Keep the hairdryer’s nose away from your dog’s skin and set it to the coolest setting if your Rottweiler likes to use it.


How to Eat

Because it is bigger, a long-haired Rottweiler eats more than most other dog types. Most days, it will eat about 6 cups of good dry kibble. For your dog’s health, you should set aside $75 to $125 a month for food. You can add healthy snacks to their diet, but you need to do what needs to be done.


The Work Out

The Rottweiler with long hair is a strong and active dog breed. So, you need to give it fun and busy things to do every day, like going for walks and playing fetch, for at least two hours. Because this breed needs more exercise, it should have a yard with a fence around it.

Just letting the puppy run around outside isn’t enough. You should still take it outside every day for an hour and play with it in the yard.


Do you know what a “Rottweiler with long hair” is? There is a dog breed that isn’t very common, but there is one! Read on to find out what your valuable cape needs to stay in good health. The outside of the long-haired Rottweiler is very nice. It’s still not good enough for his breed, so he can’t go to dog shows.

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Where Can I Find a Long Hair Rottweiler?

Many people don’t know what to think when they see a Rottweiler that isn’t the typical short-haired type. They believe a dog is not a pure breed if its hair is long or rough. But that might be the case with some of the ones you see. It happens all the time that a Rottweiler puppy is born with more hair than expected.


 There are breed standards set by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the long-haired and rough-haired Rottweilers did not meet those standards. This long-haired dog is beautiful, but they won’t place in the show ring because they don’t meet AKC standards.


There is a big need for Rottweilers with longer hair, but few breeders are ready to sell them.There are strict rules about breeding Rottweilers, and many professional breeders won’t sell long-haired or rough-coated Rottweilers that haven’t been changed.


Worries About Rottweilers with Long Haired

They are very healthy dogs, just like the shorter, smoother-haired ones you see every day. There don’t seem to be any diseases or physical issues that are linked to having long hair. There aren’t any extra health problems you need to worry about if you want to add a long-haired Rottweiler to your family. Since Rottweilers have been bred for bad reasons many times, breeding is generally based on morals only in the Rottweiler community. 

worries about rottweilers with long hair

Any long-haired Rottweiler puppies that are born will be spayed or neutered, marked as “pet quality,” and sold as pets. The above euthanasia is much worse than this. Based on what we know about the breed so far, it doesn’t look like the long hair gene changes the personality at all. The niceness of these dogs is the same as that of their brothers. You can see why they make such great family dogs.

Can you afford a Long Haired Rottie?

Without a doubt, I would suggest this dog to you. The long-haired Rottweiler is the right dog for you if you like long-haired dogs and Rottweilers.


History of the Long hair Rottweiler Breed

Some people think Rottweilers are one of the oldest and toughest dog breeds, which is not true. People say that this breed lived all over the Roman Empire.


When the Romans took over and moved in Germany, they brought their animals and drover dogs with them to help them live. The Romans stopped selling animals, though, and started farming when they saw how rich and fertile the land in Germany was.

Many new breeds were made when these Roman drover dogs were mixed with local breeds. The Romans built a new town in southern Germany a few hundred years after the first one.

history of the long hair rottweiler breed

Over the course of several decades, this city grew into a thriving market area. People from nearby towns started bringing their cattle and meat to sell. The molossus dogs helped bring cattle to Rottweil.


But when traders started using train freight, these dogs lost some of their value. Luckily, they kept breeding with each other, which led to guard dogs, watchdogs, and drought dogs. The first Rottweiler dog club was set up in 1901 to help protect the breed.


A lot of Rottweiler breed groups were formed to improve and promote this dog breed because people knew how important they were. The most well-known of these groups was the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub, which was started in 1921.


Most people have only seen normal Rottweilers with short hair. When people see a long hair Rottweiler, they usually don’t think of it as a real breed, mostly because there aren’t that many of them.

This piece will talk about some important facts about the long-haired Rottie, such as its history, size, health problems, and how to take care of it.


(FAQ)Rottweiler with Long Hair: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does a Rottweiler with long hair cost?

A: An honest breeder could charge $1,500 or more for a new long-haired Rottweiler puppy. This does not include the cost of toys, food, vet visits, lessons, and other things. These dogs aren’t very common, and many Rottweiler producers won’t sell them because they don’t meet breed standards. 

To get the best dog, you should find a breeder who only produces long-haired Rottweilers. However, you may have to put in some work to find them. Lucky for us, some Rottweiler rescues may have these rare dogs available for adoption. Most of the time, adoption doesn’t cost more than a few hundred bucks. A dog that you accept might have behavior problems and need more time to train, though.

  • Q: What kind of dog is a long hair rottweiler?

A: The long hair Rottweiler loves its person very much and is loyal to them. It is also a breed that works hard and is a brave guardian. However, it is known for being very suspicious and afraid of strangers. 

If they aren’t taught properly, this can lead to aggressive behavior. Make sure it got all the right training and socialization when it was a puppy.

Thanks for reading! 

  • Q: What are the three kinds of Rottweilers?

A: Roman Rottweilers, German Rottweilers, and American Rottweilers are some of the different types of Rottweilers. Roman Rottweilers are bred to be bigger and more like mastiffs.

  • Q: Why don’t you see many Rottweilers?

A: Germany became more industrialized in the 1800s. As a result, its people built railways and updated their farming methods. Long-distance driving of cattle was no longer needed, so the Rottweiler and many other working breeds around the world were pretty much done with their jobs.

  • Q: How much does a Rottweiler cost in 2024?

A: There are different ways to get a Rottweiler puppy, so the price can be different. Prices can be between $100 and $8,000. In general, buying a Rottweiler from a breeder could cost around $1500. However, pups with champion bloodlines can cost up to $8,000.


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